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Windows Rt Apps Of The Week (Gizmodo)


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Not implying that a showing on Gizmodo.com means credibility for a platform or anything, but they do have an apps of the week for Surface RT already up.


See the first installment here: http://gizmodo.com/5...x-hulu-and-more


Netflix, Skype, Firefox, and Hulu are apps anyone who cares about using would already know about and look for, but the part on Sketchbook Express looks interesting.


I am curious about the Firefox integration on RT however, after the podcast's discussion on RT's IE10 integration with Flash (i.e. the app version has the limited site Flash while the desktop version also included with RT should support full Flash usability on all sites.) If the Firefox browser is still an app but with increased Flash capability that would be good in many ways, but I'd think would circumvent some of MS's intent for lockdown security.


I'm still surprised RT doesn't run Silverlight; so the Netflix app must be more akin to the iOS/Android versions than the desktop version. I've had no issues running Netflix as a non-Silverlight app, but given Silverlight is the preferred Netflix transport, and it *is* a MS product...just surprised me they aren't pushing it as an RT standard over Flash.

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