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Surface Rt Pricing Revealed


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Surface with Windows RT, 32 GB: $499

Surface with Windows RT, 32 GB with Black Touch Cover: $599

Surface with Windows RT, 64 GB with Black Touch Cover: $699

Surface Touch Cover (white, red, black, cyan, or pink): $120

Surface Type Cover: $130

Initial reactions? To high?

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http://www.engadget....-starts-at-499/ Microsoft has revealed the price of the Surface RT. It's $499 without the keyboard cover. My first impression? It's more than I want to spend. The rumored $199? No brainer. $299? Still, easy purchase. I was expecting $350. I need to sleep on it, but $499 is definitely making me question buying this thing without more serious thought.
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My first impression is it's too high. I had $350 ready to go, $399 with not much complaint from me, but $499 without a cover? I need to sleep on this one. I'm afraid the price will scare a lot of people off.

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Totally understand. $399 would have flowed out of my wallet without even thinking about it. Even if the keyboard was extra I would have not thought twice. Now, it's getting to the price range of Pro tablets with Intel Core i3 processors. If there was a killer RT app ready to go I would probably not have any issues with the price but wow. I'm disappointed in the fact that they are making us think twice!

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Quoting a tweet i saw in my feed:


Very good point! RT @Chassit: Surface pricing is NOT in line with iPad. It's cheaper by a Touch Cover AND a WHOLE productivity suite.

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I think the pricing is at the high end of reasonable. I just got an email saying ore-orders are starting shortly (9am PT) at surface.com. The price isn't good enough for me to pre-order but suspect I will buy once I look at the thing. I do agree the pricing will scare many away or at least reconsider the iPad. It's also high enough to get me to look at oem models, which I've been basically ignoring until now.

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My first impression is it's too high. I had $350 ready to go, $399 with not much complaint from me, but $499 without a cover? I need to sleep on this one. I'm afraid the price will scare a lot of people off.


I know logically the Pricing is competitive with what you get with an iPad for instance -- but emotionally the pricing, if true, is a very tough sell to the CFO who thinks I already have too many computers in the house. I hoped/expected an intro pricing period and $350 or $399 with a keyboard would be something I could possibly "slide" through. Now I need to step back and think -- possibly look at the other models -- and think some more. :)

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When you deduct the value of MS office it makes it look pretty good value. (Note: the "not for use in commercial, nonprofit, or revenue generating activities" though).


Ill be getting a pro device anyway

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I can't see me getting away with NOT getting one of each. I really dream of a seamless RDP session from a Windows 8 tablet to all my Win8 machines and servers in the house.


I also am looking forward to what the developers will be coming up with for RT.

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I can't see me getting away with NOT getting one of each. I really dream of a seamless RDP session from a Windows 8 tablet to all my Win8 machines and servers in the house.


Maybe I'm reading more into your comment than I should. But it's my understanding (thought I read it somewhere) that Windows RT has the RDP client included, just can't be a host. Did you mean we need Pro for a RDP client?

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