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Htc 8X & 8S

Mr Bill

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Good day,

Looking foreard to geting some hands on time with the new 8X and the 8S.

I am hoping that they we be available on Verizon as that is our current provider.

Looking for this a our first Windows phone and will be used by my wife.

Our son has a current Win7 phone on Verizon and loves it.

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If the Lumia 922 does not come out at lunch on Verizon, then the 8x might be my phone. The Ativ S also looks nice I think and has better specs but it looks like a GS III...





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All I know is, the HTC 8X looks phenomenal and I think it will compete for the new so called "Flagship Windows Phone 8" title.

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The 8X really is a great phone. I used to have a HTC Titan before jumping over to the Lumia 900. Loved my Titan. The 8X is a nicely made phone. If I wasn't a Lumia fanboy, I would definitely go with the 8X.

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At the Gartner event I have been at this week there was a HTC booth. Initially, they had stands along the sides to display the phones, but I think MS told them they could not display that way. Instead the people manning the both would show you there 8X and demo it. But they could not show certain tiles, Office.

I did get to hold one in my hand as long as I did not touch any tiles. It is a very nice phone. Very thin, slight curve on the back, very small area around the display.

It appeared to be very fast and responsive.

The new tile system looks great.

They would not let me take a picture.

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    • Dave
      By Dave
      I like this author but he seems to blame  MicroSD technology for user error. I used to love a phone that supported upgradeable storage but finally bit the bullet and went with a 128Gb Pixel XL and couldn't be happier.  No errors with the card, no worries with drops, and faster storage.
      Secondly, this all could have been avoided by locking the phone! No, you might not get it back, but your worries are gone, and scumbag thief has a bricked device. A good home warranty will replace that handset.
      The last two points I get. No arguments there.  Seriously folks. Upgrade from your old Galaxy S3, Ahem Avram Piltch, get a decent phone and a good home warranty coverage for your portables.
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      If you have been listening to SurfaceGeeks or the Agnostic Tech Podcast, you know I am back on Windows Phone fulltime. It was the Lumia 635 (which I got with an Xbox Music Pass for $99) that reminded me how much I love the OS.
      Since getting the Lumia 635 in my hands, I have tried the Lumia 830 and the HTC One M8. Oddly enough, I think my favorite is still the Lumia 635. It is an unbelievable value at the $30-50 price points it can be found for now.
      The HTC One M8 is wicked fast, and has the BoomSound speakers we all hear about. The speakers are great, but not worth the hype. (Maybe I feel this way as the Moto G (2014) and Nexus 6 are my two favorite Android devices and they both have dual front firing speakers?). The HTC One M8 camera is a sad little thing. It can perform well under ideal situations: indoors with the right lighting, and outdoors without too much lighting. The battery life is amazing, and the audio output via Bluetooth and the headphone jack is very solid. It is by far the fastest Windows Phone I have ever used. The touch screen is WAY too sensitive IMO. Even with a glass screen protector, I couldn't tame the sensitivity. You can sometimes just hover over the screen and touches are acknowledged. It can causes all sorts of typing and navigating havoc. In general, it is a very solid device.
      The Lumia 830 rubbed me the wrong way. The back was super flimsy and it felt cheap. Wireless charging didn't always work. It also didn't feel much faster than the 512MB Snapdragon 400 phones like the Lumia 635. I don't have much more to say as I only kept it a few days.
      The Lumia 635 just feels great in the hand. The back comes off easily, but doesn't feel mushy when on the device. The screen is solid, although not having an oleophobic coating is an annoyance. Microsoft (Nokia) uses "Easy to clean" under their products specifications to tell us if a device has an oleophobic coating or not. For a 512MB RAM device, it isn't THAT bad. Although I will see the dreaded "Resuming..." screen way more than I'd prefer. (It is virtually never seen on the HTC One M8 with it's 2GB RAM.)
      I've been reading and watching videos about the newly announced 640 XL. I think I am in love. It is a 635 on steroids. Same processor, but 1GB RAM, 5.7" IPS ClearBlack "East to clean" (oleophobic coated) screen that hands-on videos make look very solid. It has a 13MP camera with Zeiss Optics that is likely better than the HTC One M8 and a great front facing 5MP shooter for Skype/selfies. Running the latest and greatest Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 software is appealing as it adds an improved settings menu, ability to pin settings to the home screen and Bluetooth keyboard support. I also feel the device will be one of the closest I can get to the Nexus 6. (I can't find a 1520.3 variant in black too easily and don't really want a device that old, and it is a beastly sized device.)
      So stay tuned to SurfaceGeeks and the Agnostic Tech Podcast to hear when I can get the 640 XL LTE variant here in the states, and if it ends up being the right device for me. It feels like fall is a longtime away and I am enjoying being back on the platform now, hence why I don't just wait for the new flagship(s).
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