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Microsoft Store At The St. Louis Galleria


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The St. Louis MicroSoft Store Will be Opening at the St. Louis Galleria on Friday, October 26, 2012


Saint Louis Galleria

1155 Saint Louis Galleria

St. Louis, MO 63117


Mon-Sat: 10am - 9pm

Sun: 11am - 6pm


This store is on the Lower Level of the Saint Louis Galleria, in the Garden Court, in front of J. Crew.

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I wish -- But, I'd have to burn vacation time to do it but I'm already burning Vac time to go to hte meet-up so WAF is pretty low right now on the idea :) so for right now I'm only a "Maybe" :wacko:


What time are you planning to be there on the 26th?

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Joe - you need me to get you one?


I'll probably get there pretty early and get in line (if there is a line!)


I appreciate the offer but I'd like to see their HW in person first. Still trying to figure out a way to get down there Fri. :)


I assume they wouldn't open till 10am but you're right there could be huge crowds there -- then again.................

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I was by there today. The mall opens at 6 for walkers. They told me the pop-up store opens at 7. They had boxes outside the kiosk with labels on the order of "Timed Merchandise. Do not show or sell prior to October 26, 2012". I asked if I could take a picture of the label and was told I could not. I took pictures of the kiosk from a distance but I can't seem to figure out how to add them to a post.

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I called the mall this morning too and they confirmed that they open the mall for walkers at 6:00. I hadn't heard the store opened at 7:00.


I guess I'll get there at 6:00. JSox, do you know where in the mall it is (near which store) so I can park in the right area.


Getting excited!!

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Nice job jsox and Lux. I'm going to call my store again tomorrow. Was told the mall opened at 8 but I better recheck as I don't trust them at all !

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I didn't get down there until about 6 PM after work. They had sold out of the lowest price 32G models by then. They had about 10 Surface RTs out for touch and play, as I recall, with plenty of explainers around. I played with a couple for a total of perhaps 30 minutes. Very solid heft and feel. Impressive. Didn't like the touch cover very much, but the type cover was much better. On the other hand, as it has Bluetooth, USB, and wireless capable there should be lots of keyboard options. They didn't have any to demonstrate but an explainer said that it would work fine with a Bluetooth, USB, or Wi-Fi mouse. Without a mouse I think using the Office products would be awkward for me. I played with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and was impressed by the extent of the functionality. They seemed to be pretty fully functional to me.

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