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Firewall Micro Appliance With 4x Gigabit Intel LAN Ports, Barebone 199.00


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This version of this appliance comes from Protectli: 



Interesting review/support write up:


Thanks for the info, If I decide to stay with Untangle I may have to give this box a try. I did not see anything about firmware on there site, Did you?

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In the UK www.pondesk.com seem to be selling these branded as PICO PC.

https://www.pondesk.com/product/Intel-J1900-4-LAN-NICs-Firewall-Router-WiFi-Fanless-Mini-PC_MNHO-022      mSATA

https://www.pondesk.com/product/Intel-J1900-4-LAN-NICs-WiFi-Firewall-Router-Fanless-Mini-PC_MNHO-039      mSATA & 2.5 Disk
They also do a "newer" version with HDMI and a SIM slot for mobile (3G / 4G) data (but a WWAN card still needs to be purchased).

I have just ordered / received the MNHO-043 one, and plan to use it for Untangle (for home use). Though may not go for Untangle as a bare metal install, but rather run Serer 2012 (or 2016), and then run Untangle as a VM under that (already run Untangle as a VM on my Microserver Gen8). That way I can also used this mini pc to connect up a couple of USB devices that I use for different things, and Windows can handle those, and also my understanding is that Untangle doesn't support 3G / 4G cards, but seeing as Windows presents them as a Network card, I plan (hope) to just present that "network" to the Untangle VM, and then Untangle can use it as a backup / failover WAN.  

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