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HP n54l help using ODD for boot drive


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Hi All,


I've previously setup an n40l to work with 7 drives totalling 14tb which I still have running perfectly fine.


I'm now looking to build 3 x n54l systems from scratch but it's dong my head in, I've read different posts and I think I have an vague idea but can't find some detail on solutions that I see mentioned.


So, I have an n54l, stock bios. Hardware is all rigged up with 5 drives, an ssd on the ODD port and 4 small drives (500gb) to start with for now in the bays.


It is set to AHCI (not raid)


I installed windows 10 no problem on the SSD without the 4 drive bays in, and this boots fine. But when I slot any of the bay drives in it refuses to boot, if I slot them in after booting to windows they get picked up but not at full capacity (they are only 500gb).


Can someone help me out please?


I've seen mentions of bootloader or cable swap but don't know what these are or how to do them?





EDIT: "er.. ignore me for now I think, just found some spin off links from the general sticky one on this group so will read those"

i.e. http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5886-gen8-25-hdd-in-the-odd-bay-discussion/page-3#entry67539

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