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Move from 2x2TB RAID 1 to 2x4TB RAID1


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Hey Guys,


I have an MS G8 with all 5 disk slots used.


I have a RAID 1 of 2x 2TB drives which are running low on space. I would like to replace them with 2x 4TB RAID1.


What is the best way to do this move? Do I need to copy all the data to something else, kill the RAID, put in the new 4TB disks, build new RAID and copy data back?


Basically is there a "clever" way of doing this by removing 1 of the 2TB disks, put in 1 of the 4TB disks and letting it rebuild.

Then do the same once finished with the other 2TB disk and once rebuilt again  expand ?


Not sure that would work, and if it did if that would even be quicker.


Thoughts welcome.



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Best but slowest approach would be a combination of both:

1. copy all the data somewhere else

2. replace one disk from the array, let it rebuild

3. replace the other disk, let it rebuild

4. expand logical drive


This way you always have at least two separate copies of your data at any time.

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I assume you are using the B120i? Unfortunately, the B120i does not support RAID expansion. Your best route is to remove the existing RAID set, setup the new RAID set and restore from your backup. If you had considered moving to a P222, this would be a good time to do it. The P222 would pick up your existing RAID sets. You could split the RAID1, replace one drive, let the array sync, split the RAID1 again, replace the other drive, let them sync, expand the array to the full new space, work through expanding the partition in you OS.


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I have been considering getting a P222


My thinking was I would get some sort of breakout cable and keep using the B120i for the SSDs (1x OS + 1x VMs). Maybe even add another for RAID 1 or additional space.


Then move storage disks to P222.


Later if I needed space could then add more in external enclosure.


Thanks for the replies guys. Going to look around at prices. All coming out bit expensive atm. Will archive some data to start. 


But good to have my plan in mind going forward.

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Thanks for replies. Sorry for delayed response.

Think it's more cost effective for me to work with the 4 bays I have by replacing disks with larger ones.

I am UK based and £150 for the external box and around that again for the P222 gets me 2x 4TB disks easy. Which would give me the space I need.


On the data move think I'll move it to another disk, build new RAID1 then copy data back.


Cheers all!

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I like to 'scale-out' rather than 'scale-up'.

1.       Buy a 2nd G8 Microserver (the cheapest configuration) and install your new 4TB drives therein.


2.       Copy the existing 2TB to the new server … you will then have 4 copies of your data! No danger there!!

3.       Rejoice … you have 2 smashing servers … and a world of flexibility. :)

4.       In a few years when your data needs expand from 4TB to 8TB … put another 2 x 4TB disks in the new server.

5.       In another few years when your needs increase to 16TB … put 4 x 4TB in your old server.

6.       … and so on.

My oldest HP Microserver is a Gen 6 N36L (5-6 years old?)  – I’ve started putting 8TB drives in it. The bloody thing won’t fail!


2 is a magic number.

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