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Graphics Card not recognized after Windows update


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My WHS is a self-build and up until now it has been working away quietly without issue. Like most people I use the Console for most things but if i need to access the actual PC I use remote desktop. However, a couple of days ago I hooked up a monitor, keyboard and mouse and logged on locally.


To my surprise the image on the screen looked like the vga cable was loosing the will to live. 2-3 colours, unreadable text, colour bleeding when moving the cursor etc something that has not happened before this time. (Around a bout this time I saw a notification balloon noticed about some Windows updates had been applied) So I checked Device manger and under 'display adapters' my 'Standard VGA Graphics Adapter' has an exclamation mark (This device cannot start (Code 10) Under 'other devices' my 'video controller' also has an exclamation mark (This device is not configured correctly (Code 1).


I have a ATi Radeon 9550 PCI Graphics card and I thought ok, I will just re-install the driver. Then I realised that I had never had to manually install a driver for this card, WHS had picked it up automatically. I tried to find a driver but came to a dead end, I couldn't find any drivers for Windows 2003 let alone specifically for WHS. So then I thought ok, I'll just use the onboard graphics and hook the vga cable up to the port on the motherboard. No go, the motherboard does not have an onboard display port and relies on a separate stand-a-lone card.(Which is something I have never come across before and am quite embarrassed that I never realized until now)


So did an update make my aging but adaquate Graphics card obsolete or what? Do I need to but another card? If so recommendations appreciated.

I wouldn't have known anything was wrong if I hadn't logged on locally as remote desktop/console work perfectly. But now I now there is an issue it's bugging me.


Does anyone have any ideas?




AMD Athlon XP1800+, 1.5 GB Ram, ATI Radeon 9550 Graphics Card.

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Probably not the update. Video cards ten to install themselvels as generic cards and most of the time work. I would try the following. Delete the device, in he device manager, shut down the system, remove the card and plug it back it and make sure it is seated and then restart to see if that works. If that does not work, try another card off of another system. It could be card just went bad. I would not put ATI drivers on WHS at this time until you rule out that it is a driver issue.

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