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Anyone dive into a Ryzen build?


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If the numbers are accurate the Ryzen CPU's from AMD will offer a lot of performace for the money.


Like this reviewer, I am leaning toward the Ryzen 5 1400x as the sweet spot:


Here is a good primer for the chipsets:



AMD has hinted about server and workstation applications for Ryzen, but I have not seen any server/workstation focused boards yet


I am still researching, but I think my next desktop will be an R5 1400x and a x300 micro ATX board.

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Exciting to see AMD get back into it.  ARS didn't like the gaming aspect of the Ryzen but looks good for desktops and such.



I think most reviewers are finding that if money is no object you can build the fastest gaming system on Intel. The last page of the PCWorld review has a nice note from AMD and the reviewer makes a good point on bang for the buck.

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I scripted up a build not to long ago.  I should dig it up and do a comparison.  And for the folks on this board...



In wPrime, a straight up raw test of math across multiple cores, Ryzen stands toe-to-toe with Intel again, matching the 6900K. PCIe NVMe speeds in DiskMark are slightly higher too, although this could be as much about Asus' motherboard as Ryzen itself.


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For my current desktop/workstation needs its the R3 1200X at 65W and $149. I like the low price and power consumption.


However a new build should try to anticipate future requirements: as I found with the HP Microserver, 1 machine wasn't enough (despite the splendid enhancements developed herein). That means:

- M.2 NVME

- optane memory

- Thunderbolt 3 or 10BASET

- more PCI Gen 3 lanes for SSD's

- 8 HDD's, not the usual 4.


So this Ryzen release is OK on the first 2  ... but not so good due to the limited PCI lanes (24) ... and I haven't seen any motherboards with the Alpine Ridge chip (which is INTEL's of course!)..


I'm waiting to see the server offerings (and the graphic cards).


I would however like to stick it to INTEL and DELL for ... well you know what :-(

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100 MSI B350M motherboard (4 SATA ports, 1 M.2 NVME, 4 DDR4 memory slots)
310 AMD RYZEN R7 1700 CPU
260 2x16GB DDR4 RAM
240 256GB M.2 NVME SSD for boot and apps
120 Power Supply
200 UNAS NSC-800 8 bay Chassis http://u-nas.com/product/nsc800.html
100 Bits and Pieces e.g. extra 4-port SATA card and things I've forgotten.


Maxing out at 1330, so could start with:
-ordinary SSD to boot for 50 instead of 240
-2x8GB RAM for 120 instead of 260
-R5 1500 with 6 cores saving 100, or R3 1100 with 4 cores saving 200
-use only 4 storage bays initially saving the extra SATA card


Right up Joe and Schoodoggy's street that ...

... expect they will correct my errors and have it finished before the W10 Creator's Edition comes out ;-)


Upgrade to enterprise cluster build described at:


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Wouldn't it be great if HP did an 8-bay Miniserver, along the lines of the 4-bay Microserver!


And using an AMD CPU ...

... that would make DROBO, NAS vendors and DELL sit up!!

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Will be curious to see where Intel goes also. Have built several PCs with AMD chips in past, one was a gaming PC and another was a HTPC. Never found them to be as stable or run as cool as Intel. Hope that's all a thing of the past.



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