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Hdd case moding with 2.5 to 3.5 adapters


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A small idea how to add 5900 rpm disks. f48282f1229d9f8d40de61d98a42a614.jpg



4x 3tb on Dell sas ha

2x 1tb on HP internal raid

Boot from usb.


Will need to get a better solution for the cable management I know.. Need to find shorter and more flexible sas cables, too rigid to insert in the Dell sas hba.


ideas welcome

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With some better cable management :

4x 3tb 3.5" mirrored vdev

4x 2tb 2.5" raidz

1x 250gb ssd (for vms)

8gb microsd (esx)


16 gb ram



Will test it with esx 6.5 + freenas.

As i am using dell sas in hba, will first go with esx 6.5 passthrue controller to freenas.

Ssd problem, ssd is connected to Sata port, as the 8 SAS2008 with 8 disks is passed to the vm..



P.s. Need to get another adapter for two 2.5" and shorter sas cable. Air flow is going to be slightly questionable

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More about Bracket Adapter 2.5 to 3.5:





Is that is just 22mm high, space available on the left side (where is the PSU) is around 23-24mm.  Plenty of space to open or close it.

For 5900rpm disks I don't believe the temperature is going to be a problem :)


Will order another or similar, to see how can I fit it on the right side of MS.


The worrying factor performance wise is the fact that the only free port where was able to connect the SSD is SATA1 (?) internal port :(

I did the initial setup last night of ESX and FreeNAS. Configured and imported the existing ZFS Pools. Not tested yet, will see how is it virtualized FreeNAS behaving.


*Good* thing is the consumption, measured idle is around 60W.



@Shonk Thanks. Need badly shorter SAS cables ..

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