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Hi guys,


Can anyone help with recommending me a new NAS, I've currently got a  4TB Buffalo Linkstation Duo which has served me well but in need of something more substantial. My current NAS is mainly used for as a media and iTunes server. I'm out of the loop with what's good and what's not but would like to keep away from Buffalo as from my experience their servers aren't exactly feature rich.


Was eyeing up the new Synology DS916+ but wondered what other would recommend, Budget is £600 max


Thanks all

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My (not very) short list would be, Synology, QNAP, DROBO and Asustor.

Research each to be sure they have the application support and features that you are looking for.

Then determine what your capacity and performance needs are.

I have used Synology, QNAP and DROBO, but if media services was a driving factor I would look very hard at Asustor. 

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I just purchased a QNAP TS451 and very happy with it.


Although you cant really go wrong with anything on Schoondoggy's list


I went with QNAP because:


Wanted a intel based unit (for transcoding)  and QNAPs models are lower price at the same performance in the US

QNAP has a HDMI port, which gives some interesting options for future use cases ( shop HTPC !!)




These brands have interface "simulators" on their websites , where you can test drive the interface. Test drive before you buy


if you are planning on doing transcoding/virtual machines -  go ahead an buy a unit with at least 4 gigs of memory -  you can upgrade most of these units but you will come out money ahead if you get what you need upfront

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Thanks for all the advice guys, going to spend the next few weeks slowly checking them out, reading reviews etc. at the moment I'm leaning towards the Synology's, The software on the Qnap's is nice but damn the cases aren't up to wife approval standards.

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