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Do I have enough available power to add more SSDs?


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I currently have the below running in my HP Microserver - I want to add an additional 2 larger SSDs (RAID 1) in addition to the 120gb RAID 1 pair I use as the boot/system disk for VMs. I don't know how stretched my PSU is right now.


HP MS Gen8

CPU upgraded to e3-1265L v2, so 45watt TDP

HP p222 Raid Card in PCI1 Slot

4GB Original HP RAM Chip

8GB Corsair RAM in second slot

4x WD Red 3TB 5400 RPM attached to P222

2x 120GB Sandisk Ultra attached to B120i


Small blower fan cooling HP p222.


Any way to figure out how much capacity I have left power wise?


My other alternative is to use an external SAS enclosure and toss the disks there, but I was kinda hoping to do that in the future for more disk space, as the mini-sas external only supports 4 more drives, and I would use two of them for the VM SSD.

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