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Gen8 water cooling...


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Thats..... amazing. I'm sure there are folks that could fabricate a better looking hack, but just the fact you got watercooling runnin on this, lol.


Did you consider going with a smaller reservoir with a single fan? Maybe you could have mounted that inline with the existing fan direct behind it w/o having to use those standoff brackets?

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the double size radiator is essential for me... at 100% load the temp is under 50C. and I didn't want to cut the original pipe, that's why I used that "ugly" :) brackets.

The tubes are rigid, not so flexible, so I had to cut my custom brackets, to fit for purpose, better then the radiator is just hanging out somewhere....


if I go for a single radiator to mount directly on the back side of the house , the pipes are not easy to manage, and also have to cut out the fun grid/grill, as it is embossed a bit...


I tried to make as less mod in the house as I can...

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and finally I get the NZXT Grid+ v2...


so the pump and the fans are controlled by Grid+...






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Very nice! Good temps!


I just put an Antec Kuhler H600 on my microserver with xeon 1265lv2.

Have yet to fire it up (waiting for some cables to arrive to wire it all in), and will most likely change out the fan to something larger and quiter.

Don't need sub 50 degree temps, just need quiet and stable operation.

Also have to work out how to mount the radiator (i might be able to do it to the stock fan holes and have the radiator rotated 90 degrees).


Where did you get your radiator mounting brackets (the big ones that space it off the back of the server), or did you make these yourself?

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Hi fury,

The kuhler h600 is very similar to cm seidon 120-240...

The brackets are designed by myself in AutoCAD, and used some handtools to cut out... low cost and fit for purpose...

I also used the stock fan holes to mount them on the house. The holes are 8-9mm at the house side, 4.5mm at radiator side. For me there are 12cm between the house and fan/radiator...

After the grid+ fan controller intalled, i was suprised how quite it can be, easy to control both pump and fans rpm...

Now both rpm are automatically and dinamically react on cpu temp...

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I am thinking just to use spacers off the standard mounting holes... and very long screws!


Did you leave the factory fan installed?

I am thinking I will leave it in initially and monitor temps before deciding if i remove it and do the fan mod.

I think ideally i would like to have a better (quieter) fan mounting in the factory location, and the radiator mounted off the same mounting holes outside the case.

Possibly add a second (quiet) fan outside of this if more airflow is needed.


Will have a play with fitment and temps this weekend and let you know how it goes.

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I fitted the CPU block.

Got a little bit butcherous with the pliers before I realised how little I actually had to move bend the mounting tabs.




I would have fired this up and tested it except I didn't have (or plan for) the necessary cabling.

The pump uses a sata power connector, and the fan uses a 3 pin fan connector.

So i've just picked up the necessary cables to connect these up.


For the moment I will leave the standard fan attached and in place as I am awaiting a connector to come in and then I will modify the wiring to suit a new fan.

My plan is to mount a Thermalright TY-141 where the standard fan goes, and then mount the radiator on the outside of the case. This way I am utilizing the standard fan mounting holes and keep the case as compact as possible.


Oh, i've also purchased a low profile GTX1050ti so this thing will be able to do some light gaming to. :)

This will also need some modifications (de-solder the DVI connector and cut the bracket in half to make it single slot), as well as mounting a large, slow fan to it.


So my microserver will be set up as follows:


HP Gen 8 Microserver

Xeon 1265Lv2 CPU watercooled with Antec Kuhler H600

GTX1050ti GPU

2 x 8Gb Hynix RAM

4 x Hitachi 4Tb Coolspin HDD's

1 x Samsung 830 60gb SSD (This will be updated to something bigger)


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I'd keep the grafic card as it is, even you also have to modify the case for water cooling, so you can also modify the gpu low profile bracket and the  single slot to a double slot at the back of the plate...


I think there can be a better cut like this

check this out: 



I'm also planning a 1050ti LP, so once I done will post some picture...

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Got it all up and running.

Very impressed with temps.

10 mins of Prime 95

Ambient 24degreesC

3 cores were showing 42 degreesC, one core was showing 50 degreesC.

I will reseat the cooler when I pull it apart to put the GPU in and see If it improves the last core.

Very happy with the results.

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