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New E3-1240V2 installed, is it working or ?


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Hi there,


Finally created an account, after reading here for some time.


Now, long story short, after comming here i started thinking about upgrading my Gen8.


I went out and got a E3-1240V2 69W cpu and the Aksaa K25 cpu cooler.

Everything is installed and i am having idle Cpu temps around 30°C and around 85°C fullload running Prime95 for about an hour.

But when i look at the Cpu power consumption, it only says 55 W.


Is this normal or did i miss a setup somewhere ?


Kind regards


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69W  is the TDP and refers to heat so that you can factor how its cooled.


55W as you have said is the power the CPU is consuming,


totally different measures altogether.

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