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Help removing computer from "archived computer backups" list


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I have a newly installed WSE 2012 R2 which I had configured for a client.  Group policies and folder redirection are enabled, default backup policies, server backup, etc.  Before delivering it to the customer I wanted to join a couple of computers to the domain to test that everything was working the way I thought it should.  I joined them, tested a few things, let them run a full backup, and then when I was happy that things were all in order I removed the computers from the list of devices by right clicking on them and selecting "Remove the computer."  When it asked me if I wanted to retain the backups in the archive or not, I selected NOT to archive them.  Now after restarting the computer I discovered that the computers names are still listed on the devices page of the Essentials Dashboard under "Archived computer backups" and I cannot get them to go away.  Is there a way to force remove them from this list?  I don't want to deliver the brand new server looking cluttered with the names of these 2 phantom archived test machines.


Any ideas?  Please, somebody help me kill Kenny...



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IIRC, you should be able to delete these computers anyways. 


Baring that, resetting the database manually (deleting the existing Client backup database folder) should "fix" this issue.

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