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No backup for ~2 months & Launchpad does not start


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Whilst my server is working and I back up my desktop PC fine, I have not had a successful backup for maybe 2 month on my laptop. It gets to about 60% then shows 'Unsuccessful' with none of the drives saved.


This seems to have coincided with a failing server disk being replace (I use DrivePool) and with Launchpad not starting up on boot, although it would not launch Dashboard for some time before that, stopping at 'Preparing the Desktop'


I can start Dashboard from the Start button > All Programs > Windows Home Server 2011 but not Launchpad, whilst neither start directly from C:\Program Files\ Windows Server\Bin\en


I do not see any place in msconfig that initiates Launchpad or any other means to start it, so could this be causing my backup problems - or be unrelated ?



I can see a log from today saying 'DashboardClient started with argument /dashboardLoading


(sadly I can't cut'n'paste or upload any files here - I'm not 'permitted')





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I have the same issue TomP; my desktop PC backs up fine but my Surface Pro4 backups always fail at about 3% complete.

My WHS2011 Dashboard opens fine and like you Launchpad fails to open. Alert Viewer pops up okay.

Just responded to your earlier post about a StableBit identifying a failing drive; presume replacing it didn't impact on this issue.

Please share any progress you've made and I'll do the same.



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I have the same issue.
2 new PCs with W10 Pro fail at 1 to 3% (other existing PCs back up just fine)
Anyone had progress with this ?


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I've got 5 Win10 Pro pcs and they all backup just fine. No issues at all. The PC's are a Dell laptop Inspiron 13 7000 Series 2-in-1,  a Dell AIO Inspiron 2320, a ASUS Zen AiO Pro Z240IC, a XStreamer Winkey, and my personal home built PC. 

Only time I ever see messages about a failed backup is when my wife turns her computer off in the middle of a backup :)


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