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Not seeing server folders in Windows 10 or using the server.


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Not seeing the server folders in Windows 10 client or on the WHS 2011 server.  They did show up once earlier today but now not there again, not sure what I did to make them appear.


I was able to see them and everything appeared normal a few months ago.  Had not needed to transfer or use any of the files on the server for a few months as I'd been away and had shut everything down.  But now I startup Dashboard and Launchpad and do not see the server folders on the client PC or on the Server itself.


So Network>Server> =No folders :-(


I can only think it was an update of some type, I did do quite a few updates to the server when I started it back up this past week.

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I shut down both Windows 10 client PC and the Server and started it up this morning and again all folders appeared.  


And using Server Manager all the folders and the files are on my RAID  5 which I named the X: drive.


But I might have made a mistake yesterday because using the Dashboard the main folders like Documents, Pictures, Etc. were showing  but as non exsistant.  And there was a green plus sign for Restore folder.  Well I did that for all of them and still nothing.

So today those are the only folders that don't lead back to the files on my X: drive



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Does typing in the server name work? 


Eg, type "\\SERVERNAME\" in explorer.


If this works, then this is just a "network browser" issue and not a serious issue.

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