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Power Management in Bios


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Hi there,


What's the recommended setting for the HP Power Regulator in the Bios?  I have an E3-1260L (Turbo Disabled in Bios) in my Gen8 MS, 12gb ram, AHCI Mode.


So far, I've tried 2 of the following settings with the following results.


OS Control Mode     -          CPU will downclock to 1.6ghz when idle, 2.4ghz when on load.

HP Dynamic Power Savings Mode         -          CPU will stay at 2.2ghz at idle, 2.4ghz when on load.


Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks



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well thats how 99.9% of pc's on the planet do it so yes

That's a big claim ;)

Changed it and the CPU speed is definitely lower than what it was before - so I'll stick with the OS controlled.


My gen8 is a fileserver, a downloading machine and a Plex server, so I really don't need it on high CPU speeds. In fact, I might use the power options under Windows to reduce the maximum processor state.

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