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I guess this is as good a place as any to chuck this in the discussion mix.


i had previously purchased the gigabyte brix gb-bxbt-1900 with the quad core j1900 celeron processor to sit under my TV for when i needed to throw an internet browser up rather than use my phone. i dropped a Samsung Evo 850 1TB in it and it runs windows 10 pro to serve up my itunes and internet browsing happily.


i then managed to get a steal of a deal (compared to the market price) on a gigabyte brix gb-bxbt-2807 with 4GB ram too, which at the time i didnt look too much into the spec, well to say the least the processor for windows 10 was slow and chuggy to be polite about it.


its sat and gathered dust for a few months and one of my friends was talking about Remix OS from Jibe. an android (Marshmallow) based desktop OS. Hmmm i thought, that could be nice to play about with. so i pulled out the 500GB sata disk and dropped in a 20GB intel SSD. not much use else for 20GB of SSD.


i ran into a few issues setting it up, for some reason things were getting corrupt when formatting the drive to ext4. a bit more searching and i had to burn off a hirens DVD and burn the Remix OS iso to a DVD and went old school (no usb install).


i run up the hirens and used g part to format the 20GB ssd to be ext4 with an ms-dos boot partition and then slipped in the Remix OS disk, after installation, where previously i was sat at the Remix logo waiting for the set up to continue, it actually sat for about 5 seconds and went into the android setup.


once in the desktop you are prompted with a question to enable (or not) google play services. well as this is an android box and i have a google account i let it set it up, jump into the play store and downloaded all my favourite apps, and did manual apk installs of those you dont normally find in the play store.  ;)  ;)


this little box with not much power and Remix OS is now like a rocket, it can run over my ethernet or wifi if im in a hotel, it also uses the bluetooth to tether to my mobile internet. i love it. i went for a clean install due to my hardware limitations but the most common use is dual boot with windows and there are guys out there dual booting it with a surface pro 3.


you can install it on most hardware and it will play fine. some people had issues with Nvidia graphics and had to use the onboard intel to get it to work on laptops they were using.


its not just for PC/laptop, if your tablet has an SD card slot, you can use it to bring your old tablets up to marshmallow but booting from it.


so whats your thoughts if you have used it, or if you have not, do you have some old hardware gathering dust, an android user and think this may be a good little project.


***Caveat*** i am a user, not support staff, i found all my info from 6 hrs of searching the net. all i can say is, if you have problems installing, or if you want to save yourself time. just do as i did, hirens > g part and then remix os dvd for a single installation. this will clearly remove all data that is on that drive. ensure you have valid backups and also a way to revert if you dont want to keep it on there.

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