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Gen 8 upgrade possible?


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Hi Guys

Firstly my hardware is as follows:


Gen8 Microserver with Xeon E3 1220l v2 CPU and 16gig ecc ram upgrades and running Lime tech UNraid basic (licence for 6 drives).

I currently have a WD 3tb drive as parity (has to be as big as your biggest data drive) in bay 1, a 240gig Crucial SSD in top bay as cache drive and 3 x 3TB WD reds as data/media in bays 2/3/4. I use mostly as Plex server and automated downloader - currently 75% full.

I also have a Dell Poweredge T20 basic celeron based server with Windows server 2012 R2 on it as spare.


My question is what is best way to upgrade for more space, if i want to add bigger drive I would have to buy 2 new drives as I would need to upgrade Parity drive first as it would need to be as big as biggest data drive - is this best option?

  Is it possible to add another 3.5" drive as my Unraid licence permits a further drive, if I could fit another 3tb red in then this would mean I only have to buy one?


Would you say I have reached the limits with Gen8 and maybe a CPU upgrade on the Dell and move system over to that one?

Many thanks


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I would hardly say your out of options you have what 12TB

my gen8 is 75TB atm


you could add a sas controller 4i4ie

put the 4x3TB's in an external sas box

then add 4 x 8TB drives into the gen8

you would then have 4 internal ports free on the sas controller

to add 4x 5TB ST5000LM000 2.5" internal drives as required

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