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Help 3 Arrays !


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Hello all !


First of all I want to say that I am pretty new to home servers.


A friend at work one day walked in with a HP Prroliant Gen8 server and I was amazed by it.


So long story short, I checked it up online, did some research and I have ordreder one for myself, the only model which was affordable for me was the one with the Intel Celeron G1610T processor, and with 4 gb 1333 mhz ram.


To populate the server I will use 2 pcs. hdd WD RED 2tb 5400rpm, and a Samsung SSD 120 gb 750EVO for the time being, and maybe 2 pcs HDD of 500 gb (or 1 TB).


As an OS I would use Windows Server 2012.


The main goal is that I would like to use the server for two things for starters which are data storage and to run a seedbox.


So I would setup 3 arrays for this:


1) RAID 0 for the SSD which will run the OS

2) RAID 1 for the 2 pcs. WD red 2TB

3) RAID 0 for the 2 pcs. 500 gb hdd (or 1tb hdd)


The idea is to have the  SSD in the Optical drives connection to run the os fast and smooth, the two WD reds would be for the data storage in raid 1 for safety but half the space of both, and the two smaller in raid 0 for max speed and max storage for seedbox application. (these would be very cheap disks)


What are your thoughts on this guys ?


Any pointers ? Any issues that I should consider ?


Thanx in advance :)




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It is ok. Only problem is power connector for SSD. You will need specific power cable – something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Computers-Accessories/InLine-29660A-Floppy-SATA-Power-Adaptor-60mm/B002JFAHNO



Good to know. I think I will make it or get it. Do you think that the 4 gb ram is up for the challenge for what I want to use the server ?

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thats the cable i purchased. fits a treat. i also upgraded to 16gb so have the original unused 4gb stick. not that im touting ;)

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