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Self reset during each cold start (G1610T)


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Hello, I have got a new HP MicroServer Gen8 G1610T. I upgraded it to 8 GB ECC RAM (KVR16LE11/8), replacing the original 4GB module. I'm using the latest NAS4Free as the OS and the system is running just fine so far.

However, I'm experiencing a system reset during the Early System Initialization (ESI) phase at each cold boot (after power unplugged).

Reproducable as follows:

  1. shutdown the system gracefully (power LED turns orange)
  2. unplug the power cord (power LED turns off)
  3. wait a few seconds
  4. plug in the power cord again (orange LED), wait a while and press the power button
  5. the machine powers on and starts with the 'Early Initialization' steps (green LED)
    • the code on the lower right stays at '0168' and the progress at 10%
  6. after about 15 seconds, it automatically turns off (orange LED) and on again (green LED)
  7. it starts at the regular 'Early Initialization' steps and proceeds to boot successfully

For such cold start, the iLO event log always shows the following entries (in the following order):

  1. Power restored to iLO
  2. Server reset
  3. APO: Last power state restored
  4. Server reset

The system reset during ESI does not happen if the power cord keeps attached.

Is this cold start behavior normal with the HP MicroServers?

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Both of mine do this. Seems to be normal.


Thanks for your answer! That's reassuring to hear.


So I guess there's no harm to the hardware when it does this? I'm planning to unplug the machine when I'm not using it for a prolonged amount of time.

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Same here 16gb ram, i3 3240 always done if you unplug the power cable it does an initial test then starts backup again


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