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Datavault X310 flashing health light


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Anyone still remember this..?


I had a power outage the ther day and now my well used server is not starting up, only a white flashing health light.


Just run the server recovery disc, finnished with a message it was successful and the server should reboot. After hard restart it all looks the same with the white flashing health light.


All help very appreciated!

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Pull out all of the disks.  Make sure that they're readable.


They should *all* be NTFS, and readable, to don't mess with anything.  You shouldn't see anything except for on the C:\ and D:\ volumes of the system disk.


If they are, pop a spare disk into the system and try running recovery again, and see if that works. 


If they aren't ... that's the problem. Only replace the working disks into the system and see if  that boots up.


Otherwise, this may be a hardware issue. :(

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