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Very slow remote connection to DSM (via DDNS)


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Regular listener to Reset podcast but first time poster here so forgive me if best practices are broken :)



I have a Synology DS212 and have it accessible remotely using Synology's DDNS service (diskstation.me)


I've recently moved house and have moved my broadband over to Virgin Media and have the NAS connected to their Superhub 3.0 (I know.. its terrible)


When I connect to the NAS remotely (from work), the connection is ridiculously slow.. taking 2-3 minutes or more to resolve the DDNS address and bring up the login screen.



My question is, where is the most likely place for this speed bottleneck?

1. My home broadband

2. The DDNS service

3. My work broadband (unlikely)



Once i'm connected, the DSM software seems to be responding at around the speed I would expect so I think its just the initial connection.



Thank for the help


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Welcome to the forums!


Trouble shooting problems I normally like working from the inside out but since you said it was all working fine before you switched ISP I will change the order my normal questions.


1) What is the speed of your internet both down/up? Also please tell me the ping time. You can use speedtest.net found here http://speedtest.net


Update: not knowing anything about Virgin Media I been doing a bit of digging and sadly it seems they do 'traffic shaping' so this could also be causing you problems.


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Hey, thanks for the response.


I think the issue was with the IP address which my Virgin Media hub was providing.


In my old house, I was with BT and that hub had IP addresses as 192.168.1.x

The Virgin Media hub IP range is 192.168.0.x


My NAS was set to use a static IP and was looking for

I changed this to and it now connects much faster.


The odd thing is, with the old static IP, it would still eventually connect.. it would just take ages - So i'm not sure if this is the actual cure or if it was just a glitch in the matrix for a couple of days.


Computers eh!  :wacko:

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