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Microserver Gen8 b120i dont see any SATA HDD disks except SSD


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I have installed 1220Lv2 CPU in MS long time ago and an Intel NVME


There was RAID1 with 2 HDDs and SSD RAID0. Today i got red flashing Microserver Logical disk failure and HDD doesnt detect anymore even brand new spare HDD. SSD was detected fine in all slots with other slots occupied invisible HDDs.

When switching to AHCI still SSD only and no HDDs. No HDD gets detected in any slot. SSD get detected in any slot.

Latest SP. Cleared RAID config still no free HDDs


What's wrong? Controller?



RAID controller takes long time to initialize

RAID Manager showed before 0 GB HDDs after RAID config reset there no HDD disk at all

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Did you try using hard drives other than the ones that were installed? What OS are you running? Did you check the SSA to see what the error messages were?

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yes i used 2 other hard drives even SATAII and SATAIII

no errors after clearing config

SSD showing up in RAID Manager

no HDDs

tryed switching diff ports etc no luck SSD - OK HDD - NO WAY

Controller status - OK

no configurable HDDs


OS VMWARE 6 ESXI last update


cleared RAID no luck

reseated SATA cable connector



After i put HDD to external SATA port (CDROM) controller logged error: something about it cant communicate and probably hardware error or update

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