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I am looking at getting an HP ML30 Gen 9 and on reading up on the documentation it appears that the storage controller can be set to AHCI rather than RAID mode.


The HP documentation says the following:


 All drives grouped into the same drive array must meet the following criteria:


 They must be either all SAS or all SATA.

 They must be either all hard drives or all solid-state drives.

 Drives should be the same capacity to provide the greatest storage space efficiency when drivesare grouped together into the same drive array.


My question is: does the above apply when the storage controller is in AHCI mode as I would like if possible to run the following:


2x1tb SATA hard disks

2x160gb SSD disks


These would all be mounted in the drive cage.


I do not wish to mirror the above disks or anything like that.  I want a simple JBOD.


Apologies in advance if I have asked an obvious question but I did take a look through the other postings and could not get a definite answer.





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