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Poor raid performance with Windows 10 Pro


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Hey guys

I recently purchased a base spec Gen 8 so I could get rid of a large server and have something that will sit on my shelf instead.

I am a WHS 2011 user and cannot fault it but as it is a bit long in the tooth and with no word on any other WHS being released I thought for my very simple needs W10 would fit the bill.

The build started out with a W7 install on a single SSD configured in Raid 0 on the ODD port. Used the latest Windows 2012 raid drivers, worked perfectly speeds are fine.

Upgraded from W7 to W10 Pro and then added my existing 2 Raid 1 arrays.

HP server picked up on the arrays and all was happy, recreated my shares and tested the speeds on my GB network.

Previously on my old server with a awful Dell Prec H200 I could top out the network at 100mb/s easy.

With this set up my shares float around the 60mb/s but the strange thing is the speeds stop every 5 or 6 seconds, then pick up again after a similar amount of time. 

I took the drives out of the array and the strange things is the drives keep this behavior in another machine till they are wiped again :blink: 

I have spent alot of time wiping drives setting up nice clean arrays in the Gen8 for it to do this every single time, its wasted most of my weekend  <_< 

Has anyone any ideas?

My only thinking is to try change the W10 raid driver, has anyone got any recomendations? 


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Have had more or a play with this.

Deleted the arrays (again) and built them up as single drive raid 0's.

In windows 10 I then used storage spaces to make a single mirror.

Same performance issues!

Wiped the lot and rolled back to a stock W7 install using the latest 2008 64bit raid driver, same thing.

I only want to create a simple mirror with this and I don't see why the onboard controller cannot provide decent read and write speeds in this config?

What am I doing wrong?

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In Windows 10, are you using the Windows Server 2012R2 drivers?

Did you try the Server 2016 drivers?

Windows desktop OS's are not supported on the MS so it is a bit of hit and miss to see what works.

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