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Windows 10 VPN before login


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Hmmm DirectAccess is only available in Enterprise, so maybe I'm onto something...

windows 10 pro mate. Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.713) taken from winver from the run command.


Ohhh crap! I'm outa ideas then!


Aha! You're not on Anniversary update...... maybe that is the key? I'm on Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.693)

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talk me through how you set up the dial up ? just so its clear in my head its the same as how my guys do it. i can do you a post with screen grabs if that helps?

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This is how I am currently doing it:

  • Change dial up settings
  • Set up a new connection
  • Connect to a workplace
  • Use My internet connection
  • Enter the IP, click on Allow other users to use this connection
  • Click Create



I note that there is that icon by it, which implies that it needs administration privileges, though I cannot see how to elevate when doing the new connection wizard.




This view shows the properties and the extra tab. As can be seen the 'Allows Users.. is not checked, and when I check it I get an error.



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ok, so you have the sharing as you must have Internet Connection Sharing enabled thats why you see it and i dont. that should not interfere with the vpn though, it should be unchecked.


other than that, i dont see what is wrong. you should see the icon on the login screen and you should be able to connect if it works within windows when logged in.

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I have an ISO of the pre-Anniversary, so I'll load that up a bit later and see if it is specifically related to the Anniversary update...

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I installed both Windows 10 Pro Version 1511 & Enterprise 1607 in a VM and they both are the same..  that sharing tab is there by default, and neither of them have the VPN showing from the lock screen. Have you got CTRL-ALT-DEL enabled? I did read that this has to be enabled for the VPN to then show up on the lock screen - but I don't see why.....  

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yeah, its enabled, i believe that when you join a domain, its automatic, if its not, the guys have enabled it.

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OK I will give that a whirl. All the client workstation/laptops I have seen just have the normal lockscreen, and I did read somewhere that you need to enable the CTRL-ALT-DEL, but from what I saw that just took you back to the locks screen anyway?

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