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Securifi launches a new product to detect eavesdroppers and bot-net like attacks


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Securifi, makes of the Almond 3 router and smart home system have just announced a huge security product that I think you will be interested in.  Remember that bot net attack in 2016? All those home cameras acting as zombies?  This new product aims to end that.  


"Now you can find out if someone is eavesdropping on your security camera or if your smart thermostat is compromised and talking to a malicious server.

Even if your device is only talking to the right server, metadata like how frequently it's pinging and how much data it's transmitting can still reveal whether the device is behaving properly. Almond can determine unusual traffic patterns for many IoT devices using machine learning."
It's a subscription based service that will roll out January 2017 and be available to Almond 3 users. Existing Almond users will have it available to them later this year.
Feature Overview:
  1. Automatically detect all devices prone to Mirai-like botnet attacks in your network:  Almond 3 will scan the network for all devices prone to Mirai-like  botnet attacks and send notifications to the user via the Almond App. The user can then choose to block these devices from the network with just a single tap on the Almond App.
  1. Flag devices with an unusual traffic pattern (for example) if Nest thermostat is compromised and is talking to a Russian server. Almond 3 will only monitor outbound traffic from these devices and will not decrypt any data packets.
  1. Automatically detect zombie devices: Almond 3 will detect if the network is compromised and if some of the devices are acting as zombie devices and participating in DDos attacks. Users will be notified and be able to block these devices from the Almond App.
  1. Monitor your kid’s web browsing history and provide guidelines on safe surfing: Almond 3 will keep track of web browsing history for all Wi-Fi devices connected to the network. Parents can then check the types of websites their children visit (e.g. General, PG, Restricted) and talk to them around their surfing behavior.
I'll be talking to Securifi at CES so if you have any questions please let me know. Also, I have several videos on my YouTube channel about the new Almond 3 system. Check those out here: http://youtube.com/davidmccabe
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