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HP Controllers P222 & P410 - How many arrays?


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I have an HP G8 microserver to which I want to add as much storage as possible :)

I have schoondoggy's brackets, and some disks; I just need to find a suitable controller.


The internal B120i controller allows one to create four single-disk Raid0 arrays so one can get a JBOD from four disks connected to it.


I've tried a couple of P410 controllers that I have, but they won't let you create more than two arrays.  That's fine if one wants RAID5, but I want (ideally) eight (if I can get them in, physically) separate disks (JBOD). (For storage organisation, I'm thinking of using ZFS, but that's downstream until I get the controller sorted).


I've been looking at the P222 and P420 controllers, both of which will fit in the chassis.  I understand the difference between them in terms of cache memory, on-board processor, and internal vs external sockets.


What I've totally failed to find out is whether one cannot create eight single-disk RAID0 arrays on each card.


Can anyone tell me if this is possible please?








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If you are looking for JBOD I would recommend using LSI or Marvell based cards. You could run the four bays on a add in card and set the on-board controller to AHCI instead of B120i to use it for more drives.

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