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Clean install of Standard + Essentials role > Services fail to start (Auto)


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Hi All,


I have run a clean install of Win Server 2016 Standard on my N54L and installed the Essentials Roles without any issues.

I noticed that the management dashboard was taking a long time to open, sometimes timing out and on investigation I can see some services do not start up despite being set to Automatic.


This usually occurs after a reboot of the server.

Some of the Essentials Services are set to Automatic but need to be started Manually.


Once the service is running all is fine.


Has anyone else got this issue?

Or any suggestions on fixes?

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Likely there is an issue occuring.


A simple fix is to change the recovery options for the services.  So that they automatically restart on failure.  this tends to fix the issue.

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Are the services that have not started listed as Automatic (delayed start)?  When I use Remote Desktop to access my Server 2016 with Essentials Role I often see a service or two listed as stopped. If I just let things run in the background, the warning usually goes away after a few minutes.


Maybe changing the service from Delayed Start would stop this. Then again, I do not know enough about the services, so I tend to just leave things alone.

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The services are set to automatic.

For not I am trying out @Drashna Jaelre idea > Automatically restart on failure.

I've not had a chance to restart the server just yet.

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