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Error when restoring PC "an unexpected network error has occured"


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I recently had to send a netbook in for repair (needed a new keyboard). Being under warranty and that they refused to send me a keyboard to install myself, I prepped it to send back for repair. Since I had been backing it up for months on my WHS, I wiped the hard drive and restored it with the out-of-box image. I use the netbook as a secondary, around the house/traveling computer and sync it with my desktop using Synctoy anyway, so it really didn't have anything I couldn't get back on it.


After getting the Netbook back I used Drashna's updated Restore CD to connect to the server and start restoring it. Everything went perfectly until about 80% or so, when the following error showed up:


"An unexpected network error has occurred"


After doing some research it seems like the most common issue for this error is that the internal DHCP lease expired prior to the completion of the restore. I tried the original Windows restore CD with the "nic" (Atheros) drivers on a USB key, and had no luck with that either. I have a Netgear WNDR3700 router and have not been able to find the setting for the internal IP lease length. I also tried to set up a reserved ip address for the netbook to assure that it does not change from start to finish, but ended up with the same result as before. I Should note that I also have an 8 port switch, but I tried both with and without it connected to the network (my WHS is connected directly to the WNDR3700 as was the netbook being restored).


I am hoping that I am missing something easy.


Does anyone have experience with a WNDR3700 and changing the internal lease settings?


Any suggestions for other possible ways to do the restore?


I still have the files backed up on the server in either case, So I could reload Windows and just put the files back. I had hoped to test out the way restore works and would like to get the bugs worked out before a more critical PC needs to be restored.


Here is some information about my network:


Home-built WHS

Core i5 (750)

Asus P7P55D (MOBO)

4GB Ram



Netgear WNDR3700





Client PC

Acer D250 Netbook

2 gigs of ram

160gb HDD

Atheros nic and wifi



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I doubt this is a DHCP issue, not saying it is not, but seems to be more of a configuration error. What are the chances you can completely wipe the drive and restore to a fresh drive?

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do you have all the latest updates on your server ? including Power Packs ? I believe I read in the past that some restores could fail at over 80% and one of the patches fixed that.

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Definitely make sure your WHS is at least at PP2.


You didn't say if you are going through the switch, but connect directly to the router and have the 32-bit Ethernet drivers ready on a USB when needed. Reboot your server and router, and then give it a try. Also, if you have the regular PC Restore CD, you might try using that instead. You also might consider disconnecting the switch from the network while you're running the backup. Basically, try to isolate as much as you can. That's my thoughts, anyway.



***Ah! Just read over Tim's post. Very crafty. I'll have to keep that in mind. And if you don't have an enclosure like Tim suggests, I don't see why hooking it up directly to a SATA port wouldn't work just as well.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions/help.


I know that all the patches are up-to-date. I will take a look at possibly wiping the drive and starting fresh, I am also not sure about the partitions on the drive. Tim's method seems like a good work arround, if all else fails.

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