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WHS (HP MediaSmart 47x) is very slow


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I have an older Media Smart Server. It is very slow connecting to the server and working on the machine when I do get connected. It has never been fast and I plan to upgrade the RAM (thanks for the podcast by the way!). But I am wondering if some of the power users can answer some questions:

1. Is there something i am doing or not doing from a networking perspective that makes it ''so slow?

2. How can you tell when the Hardware (motherboard/processor) is getting old/worn out?

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As I mentioned on the show, you might want to check this post to make sure you have basics covered from a networking perspective. http://www.twonkyforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=6124

Computers usually don't wear out. They either work or they don't. You might want to try a restore of your MediaSmart Server to see if it might be something that has gone wrong in the OS. How comfortable are you with that?

2GB of RAM is required. Upgrade that as soon as possible.

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Are you connecting via Wifi or hardwired?

If Wifi -
1) What spec are you running 802.11b,g or n? The b spec is not really suitable for streaming.
2) What is your signal strength? If you have a weak signal you will see that the connection fails back to the the fastest speed that you can reliably maintain.
3) If you have a weak signal you may want to look at switching to another channel or relocating the access point.

If Hardwired -
1) Good cable? If you made your own cable you may have a marginal connection.
2) Is you network gear 10, 100 or 1000? Remember that your speed depends on the weakest component.

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My WHS is also extremely slow -- and it's something that just started recently after running fine for a year. It's a EX470 and it now takes about 5-10 minutes just to login to remote desktop. And after login everything is super slow. Like 30 seconds to open a CMD window.

Other hints:
- Task Manager says minimal CPU and network usage
- Evntvwr shows no significant errors or warnings
- Same behavior after doing a Server Recovery (took > 24 hours)


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What is your drive configuration? How many and how full are they? If the server is doing alot of balancing, that could be a problem.
Do you have the stock 512MB of RAM in your computer? What add-ins are you running?

Hopefully we can help you get this resolved.

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How feasible would it be to do a malware check? Could you install Malwarebytes and SUPERAntispyware and run a quick scan?

I note that you indicate that task manager is showing that your system is not working hard yet it takes a long time to open a simple command window.

You'd think WHS console would let you know if your drive was failing. You could try running chkdsk anyway.

How are your temps? The CPU could be throttling way down if it is overheating.

512K RAM is not much, but you're indicating that this slowness is something that came on fairly suddenly so I can assume you made no significant changes, no new program installations between the time things were working better and now, right?

My best guess from what you tell us is CPU throttling, then malware, damaged disk sectors (check performance with Victoria for Windows 4.46b [please be extremely careful with this, just run the check in the 'Test' tab - 32-bit OS only]), and RAM but how would you check that? With a USB disk drive if you have one and assuming the 470 will boot from it?

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