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The Wi-Fi Podcast - Eero, Orbi, Luma, and others compared


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This was a fun show to do.  We are talking all about mesh wifi networking.  Eero, Luma, Orbi, etc.  We try to cover it all and the show ran longer than I would like but I felt the topic needed it.  We will circle back to this topic in 2017 to catch up on these systems.


RESET Podcast is available on:


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Get it here or listen in your browser too.



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I'd like to say thanks to you and your contributors for the podcast, this topic is one that I think the tech now seems ready to solve, or so they will have us believe anyway!


Like you described in the podcast having multiple access points is a constant pain in the ass. Currently I have a 3 storey house with brick walls, unfortunately my web connection comes in in the basement where there is an mikrotek router, and I have run 2 * ethernet feeds to a 2 rooms in the "middle" layer. Each of these has its own shitty access point. The upper layer with the kids bedrooms is tricky to run ethernet to, so we have to rely on the fairly shit access points below for them. I got my hands on an asus router (one of the ones with 3 or 4 aerials) and tried that, but it wasn't any good. So i think i'm with the podcast dudes saying that ethernet backhaul is a must for me, especially as I have already run the cables - And I also like to tinker with VPNS, NATs etc, so ideally I wouldn't be replacing the main router either! 


I like the look of the ORBI but bloody hell it is pricey, and iirc from the podcast that doesnt use ethernet. The Ampli|Fi HD peaked my interested but that wants the main router replaced. Openmesh is maybe a winner - but you didn't cover that too much in the podcast so I'm assuming maybe that has a downside too! How good is the wallpoint solution with OM? From what i can see - it looks like maybe a couple of the OM2P-HS units dotted around the place might do the trick. My house is a pain, thick walls, and the wifi prefers these units do be out of sight (i.e. on the floor, under sofas etc.)!


As you said David - we want our cake and to eat it! Maybe we need to give this stuff 6 months to settle down?

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it may take some months for firmware to get refined based on various users' real life experience, but I welcome having a smorgasbord of options!

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This may warrant a separate thread but what will be interesting going forward with everybody jumping into this game is how each system will differentiate itself from the pack.


Right now there are small differences in each but they all inherently function the same. 

Will be interesting if we start to see price wars to combat all of the new competition or if they continue to push software/services as their competitive advantage.


I'm personally leaning toward the amplifi system mainly due to the company behind it (and most reviews put it towards the top of overall speed).  Plus I like the concept of the having a central location for all my core equipment and then extending the signal out from there to the true mesh systems.

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I completely agree with jagowar. Right now most of the options are pretty much on par with each other. I think Orbi stands out the most since it has a lot of the "power user" features that Netgear's top of the line routers have (i.e., VPN, Dynamic DNS, etc...) while eero and the rest of more "friendly" options are still lacking those features. The race is definitely heating up with both LinkSys and D-Link entering the game. I think there is room for two distinct leaders here: one focused on the simple everyday user and another focused on the power user. We'll see who ends up leading each one of those packs. It'll be an interesting year, that's for sure.

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