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P222 Controller Status Failed


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I'm getting a Controller Status "Failed" in iLO4 on P222 controller in my HP ML10 V2. There is nothing wrong with the controller, things are just chugging along as per normal. All other indications are as per normal. I've goggled but can't find anything except for an older service advisory from HP to update the firmware on the controller to a version that is older then the version I'm running now. I've got the 512mb cache with battery backup and those are reported to be functioning correctly. 


The only place I'm finding this error is in iLO. Any way anyone knows of to reset these errors?


Happy New Years :)

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Have you run the diagnostics in the SSA?


I checked the ADU report and there was nothing I could see relating to the failure. I did reboot the server for the 3rd time after noticing the failure message originally in iLO and this time it seems to have cleared itself. I'll have to keep an eye on it, and maybe purchase a spare P222 sometime in the near future. 


I know I came close to filling my 16TB of Pooled drive space after installing Plex server and moving video files over to the server. So I added another 2TB drive to the mix for now. I don't think this would have caused the P222 Failure message though. 

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