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ODD Boot Prevents Windows 10 Anniversary Update


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Hi there


I noticed the other day that my Gen8 Microserver was not updating Windows 10 correctly. It is configured to boot from the ODD as per these instructions. I cannot apply the Anniversary Update manually either by Update Wizard or the downloadable ISO. I get the following error:


Something Happened

We can't tell if your PC has enough space to continue installing Windows 10. Try restarting setup.


On top of this, the update will not apply from booting from ISO via ILO - the installer requests that I run it from within Windows. 


I am pretty sure that the problem stems from the USB boot key that is being used not having enough spare space but I wondered if there is a workaround or has anyone else experienced this?


Many thanks

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Should have a minimum of 10GB free after the downloading of the update. Any less and it will generally refuse after trying.  


Use disk cleanup and select Clean up System files option on the lower left. 

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I have:

C: 89.6GB  free of 148GB - this is where Windows resides

D: 302MB free of 349MB - this was created upon Windows 10 install and contains recovery data

E: 3.66GB free of 3.73GB - this is the boot SD card

F: 4.02TB free of 7.25TB - File Storage


Could it be that the Windows upgrade is looking to where the boot partition resides (the SD card) and failing?

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