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initial reaction to my new T-20...


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So far I am liking this model. I had expressed concerns previously about not having hot swap disk caddies. The reality for me is I rarely have to do a hot swap on my microservers, and the ease with which the disks can be popped into the T20 caddies seems much more convenient compared to having to use screws on the microserver. 


the chassis and door seem sturdy enough yet very light. I find the inside layout very "clean" and easy to work on. I am not trying to cram a dozen drives into mine but so far I have found it pleasant to work on. noise level is very nice.


the driver update packages from dell all have a very consistent look and feel / polish. there was even a bios update this month so they still seem to 'care'. (mine came with A09 and I updated it to A11).


I'm not including any pictures as this forum has really great ones already. But so far I am happy to be using this model.



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