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Hi Dave,


I liked discussion on Reset 13.  In my opinion.  I don't know why the color temperature wasn't used before now.  It better accurately describes the type of light to expect from a bulb.  To label bulbs cool white, soft white, warm light is up the discretion of the manufacturer.  When something is labeled 2700k.  It doesn't matter who made the bulb.  It will be 2700k.  I agree with you about CFL bulbs.  When they decide to go out.  They sometimes go out with a bang!  When I was in IT back in the mid 90's through the early 2000's.  I learned quite bit about CFL bulbs and color temperature.  One of the places I was contracted to work at was American Greetings in Cleveland, Ohio.  Whenever we got a new monitor or replaced a graphics card in one of their Mac's.  They would need to color match everything before the artist would use the computer.  I was invited to watch them do this.  They showed how different temps affected the color.  They would show 3400 Halogen, 4200 Fluorescent, 5000 to 6500k daylight.  Though most daylight is agreed to be closer to 5000k.

Another place I was contracted to work at was Ge Lighting at Nela Park in East Cleveland, Ohio.  There they were testing the new CFL bulbs to use A19 sockets.  I was invited into their testing lab.  In that lab there were A19 sockets mounted on every wall.  There were other sockets as well.  The part of the room that had traditional bulbs was easily several degrees warmer.  Felt like you were on a beach in the tropics.  The side that had the CFL bulbs was noticeably cooler.  One thing I commented on was that some of the bulbs looked different.  They told me about the different color temps.  They gave me some sample cfl bulbs.  It was neat to have.  It had the same writing a retail bulb had.  With the exception of it saying Production Sample Not for Resale.  So between those two companies.  I had a college education when it came to learning color temperature.


When it comes to LED lights.  I am all in!  I just started replacing my cfl bulbs with LED.  I have friends and family ask me what kind of lights are those.  I tell them and they always say.  Wow, I need to get some of these.  My favorite is one by Philips.  It is called the Scene Switch.  

It switches between 2,200 , 2700, 5,000k.  All you do is turn the light off for a second and turn it back on.  Just as in the above youtube video.  I love them!


My biggest annoyance and complaint is on these so called 'smart bulbs'.  They are anything but smart.  I tried the Philips starter pack.  A couple bulbs and the network bridge.  The tl;dr is this.  They are not ready for sale.  They need to go back and work on them some more.  

I tried them in my computer/radio room (amateur radio).  It is a 9 by 9 ft room.  I randomly had the lights turn on by them selves.  They wouldn't respond to the command to turn on.  I also had the opposite.  I had lights that wouldn't turn on.  For $60 a bulb.  I expect them to work EVERY time.  They are a big fail as far as I am concerned.


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Dave, I was really impressed with this podcast episode. I think you hit on all the key areas of the topic! So much to talk about in the light bulb aisle.


I live in a pre-civll-war house where the previous owner put in a bunch of recessed CFL lamps, 13W U-shape tube. I found that their life is very limited unless you have a case where they are always on. A replacement bulb is like $4 each so not a great choice. (My wife found a case of them at a salvage store but when they ran out...) I just finished replacing them with 15W conversion LED fixtures. They put out so much more usable light, turn on instantly, and should (fingers crossed) not have to be replaced for quite a while. (some of the fixtures had some 'smoke' stains up inside from cfl ballast failures, I think the ballast is the weak point on cfl.)


LED seems to be the way to go! Even the outdoor mercury vapor 'street lights' have LED equivalents. I have one high up on a barn and am enjoying not having to climb an extension ladder every year to replace the bulb. I also got some 'candelabra' type LED bulbs with a great discount through my power company and they are far superior to the incandescent variety.


As the LEDs get cheaper over time I think the conversion to LEDs becomes easy to justify both practically and financially.


thanks again for the GREAT podcast!

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Thank you guys.  That means a lot to me.  This episode was 2 months in planning and easy to pull off with such a great guest in Richard Gunther.


If you haven't listened yet, please do.  http://mccabe.io and get all the RESET episodes!

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