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N54L: compatible HDD carrier?


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Hey fellow N54l Users


...I did it, and honored my nickname:

I cracked an HDD-carrier beyond repair (don't ask how, tnx :unsure: )... (now, that I need all 4 3,5"-slots - the other 3 are already occupied)


I checked the HP Spareparts-Shop, and the prieces... ...trying to get an N40L or N54L on ebay would be cheaper i guess...


But before I try "a whole machine" - there are plenty of "compatible" carrier for other Proliant-Servers (on ebay and some chinese portals)...


Does anybody know if there are "N54L-compatible" HDD-Carriers available?


Thanks for your reply


a real unlucky "theunlucky"...

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yeah, the channel eats parcel it seems (sent a friend a gift for christmas, parcel cannot be found...)

thanks anyway!!


Anybody else an idea if there are compatible carriers?


(I see "buying a whole from ebay" as last option)

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Thanks, will keep your offer in mind (the old microservers are very wanted it seems - prieces climb high)


Unfortunatly, my search for compatible carriers is "similar successful"...


Well, at least no pressure in searching :-/

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