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Recorded TV archive to Home Server not working


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Media Center on my main PC is no longer archiving recorded tv to my home server. The error message states "TV Archive does not have permission to access this folder". This was working at one time and I had not checked it until recently. The only thing that changed recently was I connected my main pc to my Vail test server. I did this by first disconnecting my home server, then connecting the vail server, and then reconnecting my home server. Since I found this problem I disconnected from both servers and reconnected only my home server. I also disconnected and reconnected my home server to media center.


Any ideas on how to fix this?





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If you connected your PC to the Vail server, you had to uninstall the WHS v1 connector to allow the Vail connector to install. When you reconnected your PC to WHS v1, you have to reinstall the v1 connector. Did you do that ? also you have to reinstall or rerun the v1 Windows Media Center connector for the Recorded TV to transfer silently. If the Windows Media Center connector is not installed, MCE should prompt you when you open MCE.


Also, you can then bounce your PC back and forth to the Vail server without uninstalling the v1 connector. v1 will not complain that the Vail connector is installed during it's install, but the Vail connector will complain if it see the v1 connector during it's install.

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