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MS G8 and ESXi - Issue


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I have been using my MS G8 with ESXi for quite some time ... around 6 months ago a very peculiar thing happened.


I had shutdown ESXi correctly (As the server is not used all the time) then when I came to boot it back up ... it would start to load ESXi but then give a Purple Screen and error message .. countless reboots would not fix it..


Didn't think much of it as it was the first time i'd had it happen and chose to upgrade ESXi version .. did the upgrade all OK . Left data store intact and all working


Few weeks later I shut down as normal and when I start it up again .. same Purple screen ! 


Therefore I have come to the conclusion that every time I shut down the Server it will not restart back .. I have to either Upgrade or Reinstall ESXi ... 


Hoping that someone can assist with what is going wrong .. I really want to avoid having to wipe the disks if possible.


At the moment ESXi 6 is installed and attached is the purple screen i'm getting.. A reinstall will fix this issue .. but then next time I shutdown and turn back on I can guarantee the error will occur.

Any help appreciated.






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