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Hi all,


I'm new to the home build NAS scene and am looking for some help with some choices I have.


Quick overview of the hardware / services that I've already made decisions on / or now own:


- I currently have 10Tb of storage across 5 2TB disks.

- I'm currently leaning towards to using OMV as I know linux better than I know freebsd. (I'm actually a windows kernel dev, but I like to play with unix OS' too).

- I'm currently undecided between using SnapRAID with ext4 disks or ZFS / RAID-Z


- The services I'm going to make available are:

  - Plex media server

  - Transmission bittorrent

  - SMB

  - SSH

  - Perhaps Wordpress sometime in the future.


I'm kinda concerned about power usage as It'll be running it 24/7, but if it isn't the most important thing.

If the noise level isn't too bad it'll be housed in my home office, otherwise I can drill through into the garage and poke an ethernet cable through


So my main problem is that I currently have 2 boxes available to build up my NAS box, and I don't know what the better option is:

- Proliant N36L G7 Microserver:  - 1.3Gz dual core Athlon, 8GB ECC RAM

- Proliant ML110 G6 Server - 2.66Ghz x3450 Xeon, 16GB ECC RAM


I get the feeling that the N36L would be enough to run all these services as long as my Plex server doesn't try to do any encoding (I only really serve my media in original format), and is much smaller and more power efficient, so is the far better choice But is this future proof??

I also get the feeling that the ML110 is very power hungry, and will cost three times as much to run as the N36L. But is this actually the case??


So do I go with one of these 2 servers, or do I sell them both and use that money to buy something else? Perhaps a Gen8 microserver??


Thanks for taking the time to read through this.


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I use the ML110-G6 for my Plex Server exclusively. It stores all my files and does encoding at a robust speed utilizing my Plextor SSD. 

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