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Highest Freq DD3 RAM Chips that at Dell T410 will be able to use/ support?


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Highest Freq DD3 RAM Chips that at Dell T410 will be able to use/ support? 

I'd like to upgrade the RAM. I know that higher speced RAM works on lower spec / clock CPU + Mobo, so let me know the highest ECC RAM modules I can look for?

Dell PowerEdge T410 (DDR3-1066MHz) (Reg.ECC) Memory 
Dell PowerEdge T410 (DDR3-1066MHz) (Reg.ECC) Memory
Maximum Memory 64GB
Memory Slots 8 Sockets
non-removable base memory 0MB
Machine name: Dell PowerEdge T410
CPU options: Intel Xeon Processor
Chipset: Intel 5500 Chipset
HD Bus: SATA15035/SATA15025
Front Side Bus options:
Memory Speed options: PC3-8500 DDR3-1066 240pin Registered ECC SDRAM DIMM
Special notes: This system supports either Registered ECC or Unbuffered ECC memory. Mixing Registered ECC and Unbuffered ECC modules is not supported within this system.

RAM upgrade on Dell t410 server - Help me understand

There's some talk about mixing ECC & Non ECC memory here. 

What kind of DD3 Memory can I look for on Ebay? Other places? 

What's the maximum memory I can load/ mix?




Was hoping to find a bundle like this - 8 x 8 GB - I guess that will max it out? 

64gb (8x 8gb) PC3L-10600R 2Rx4 DDR3-1333MHz ECC Reg Server Memory RAM | eBay 

Would that work? 

Is there an upper limit on the Higher Freq memory that I can use, past which I would not be able use those memory modules? 
e.g. I guess DDR4 wont work on these..



Unbuffered versus Registered ECC Memory - Difference between ECC UDIMMs and RDIMMs 

Also, would it make sense to get one type over other? Pros & Cons? Wider? Compatability?

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