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Questions: DrivePool and Adding HDD's


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I've been running my first server (a Gen8 w/ WHS2011) for about a year and I'm about to add a 4TB Red to the rack (along with the existing 60GB SSD and 2TB Red) (see image attached).


Server Drives.png


So I decided to get DrivePool so I can consolidate all my files into the one place when I add the new drive.


My questions are as follows:

  1. What is that (D:) drive? It's always been there...
  2. What's the best way to "move" everything from (F:) into the DrivePool (E:) and switch the mapped letters so that I don't have to change any file paths?
  3. Can I "move" everything from the SSD (C:) into the DrivePool and get the software to recognise that program files need to remain on the SSD and not get balanced to anywhere else?
  4. How do I add the new drive when I get it? Is it just plug-and-play?

This is a great community by the way (even though I don't know what your all on about 90% of the time), can't wait for feedback. Thanks, Watson.

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Often D is just what was left after the 60GB partition was created for C on the primary drive.  Are you sure that you used a 60GB SSD and not a 240GB one?


Assuming that you're just worried about moving shared folders, that can be done in the dashboard.  On the Shared Folders page, you can select each folder and there should be a link on the right to move it.  The software will handle moving the files and then re-creating the network share with the same name but from the new location.  Don't try to drag and drop files in explorer, that will most likely cause things to break.


Mostly plug-and-play, I don't remember if the Gen 8 is hot-swap or not, so you may need to power the server down first, but the drive should be recognized as uninitialized.  Someone else will have to answer how to get DrivePool to take it over, I haven't used it specifically so don't know if it needs to be initialized first or not.

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  1. Andne is right about the system drive.  WHS2011 creates a 60GB partition for the C: and creates a second partition out of the remaining space.  More than likely, both the C: and D: are on a 240-256GB SSD drive.  


  2. As for moving the content? This:


    As for switching drive letters? 



    And while you're in Disk Management, check to see if that system disk is partitioned. If it is, delete the D: drive, and expand the C:\ drive to use the entire disk. 


  3. No. The program Files and Windows directories must remain on the c:\ drive, and out of the pool. 

    The reason for this is that the driver for the pool is not a "boot driver" meaning that it's loaded too late in the process to contain the system files. 

    You can add the C:\ drive to the pool, but DO NOT move the Windows or Program Files folders (not that it will let you). 


  4. Through the UI. Just "add" the disk. 

    For StableBit DrivePool 1.X: http://stablebit.com/Support/DrivePool/1.X/Manual?Section=Adding%20a%20Drive%20to%20the%20Pool

    For StableBit DrivePool 2.X: http://stablebit.com/Support/DrivePool/2.X/Manual?Section=Adding%20a%20Drive%20to%20the%20Pool%20/%20Creating%20a%20New%20Pool

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