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MS Gen8 Sata Multiplier on ODD port


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G'day All


I cant see it's been mentioned anywhere else, but there is a port multiplier available on the ODD port of the Gen8 microserver.


I've only been able to access the multiplier function using FreeNas, I've briefly tried with Windows Server 2016 in both Raid and AHCI mode and with HP SPP installed but Windows only sees the 1st drive in the enclosure. I have 4-bay and an 8-bay Probox (also called MediaSonic and Hotway, I think) non Raid enclosures. Under FreeNas I can see all 4 or 8 drives, depending on the enclosure used.


This is just using the latest Bios in Raid mode and the drives aren't assigned in the B120i controller. I realise the ODD is sata II speed but I think it will be fine for use as a back up server, currently I have 9x 3TB drives 4 in the Gen8 and 5 in the ProBox (attached via a sata to esata cable and I get above 60MB/s sustained transfer across the network (Windows Server 2016 to FreeNas). The FreeNas Gen8 is as shipped, 4GB ram and G1610T so the transfer might improved when I install 16GB ram and change the CPU to E3-1265L (when I find where my thermal paste is).


I Haven't figured out how I'm going access the ODD port when the cover is on the Gen8, probably get and sata plug to esata socket and nibble hole in the back of the server, then use a standard esata to esata cable to connect to the enclosure.






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If I remember correctly, the C204 chipset definitely does support port multipliers, but the support has never added to the more recent Windows drivers.  I know for sure that Intel RST never had port multiplier support added, but it might be possible with an older OS and whatever it was called before RST (Matrix Storage Manager?).  But who knows if MSM works with the C204 chipset, probably not,plus you'd be stuck with something ancient like Server 2008.


Probably have better luck using an addon SATA card that has port multiplier support, maybe the one Mediasonic sells?  No idea how decent it is, but it's only $20 on Amazon, and they have a fairly recent driver on their forum.



I'm guessing if you use the USB3 connection, it just forces you to use internal RAID or something on the external enclosure?

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