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I'm beginning to regret recommending a Gen8 now ...


I've got an N36L, two N40L's and an N54L, and I love 'em to bits. I've been building HTPC's out of the N-series for a few years, and they've been straight-forward to get going.


Why did HP have to ruin something nice and make this overly-complex, loud monstrosity?


I plan on following Joe's Windows 7 guide (somehow, I can't see videos) ... but so far I'm just running in circles.


I have the SPP 2016.10.0 pack, I've used HP's USB Key utility to write it out to a known-good Kensington 8 GB USB 2.0 stick. I plug it in, power on the Gen8, eventually get to Automatic Update, it goes through three stages and then sits there with 'Please wait, evaluating system' for five minutes then I get a "Sorry, Firefox crashed" error.


I power down.


I boot, I press F5 to access the Smart Storage Administrator, which gives me a page of errors, files don't exist, permission denied on others, can't start Firefox, can't exit or reboot (/sbin/reboot not found !).


Please, can someone shed some light on what I need to do to actually make this thing useful before it meets a large axe?




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Well, I've made progress - but I had to enlist the help of a HPE chat-support guy, whom I tied up for a bit over two hours. Seems both my BIOSes were corrupt out of the box, so it was a case of feeding it Recovery Media and two different SPPs before iLO woke up and I could fire up SSA without it complaining about a dead Firefox.


WS12 is currently installing - then comes Drive Bender, whilst that's going on I'm researching how to shut that bloody fan up :D


(Anyone got any tips on speeding up POST? Or are we all lumbered with that excruciating three minute delay?)

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The Microserver Gen8 is a real ProLiant server, unlike the older Microservers. There is no way to speed up post. There are several threads on fan speed in the forum. In the BIOS you can choose cooling profiles to reduce fan speed.

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And that was the beauty of the li'l black AMD cubes, no pretentiousness :P


I managed to locate four N54L's NIB this morning for clearout prices, so they'll be heading my way soon. They're just so danged handy and nice!


Pity about the slow-poke slow-POST. Another tick for the N54L :P


WS08 is on, drivers all in place, I decided on going the fake-the-fan's-presence approach, as I don't plan on having drives running constantly. And dang, but that LED is bright - nothing two layers of duct tape can't fix, which is what I do with the N**L's.


Apologies, btw, for my grump-grump first post.

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It really does depend on your usage, I liked my N40L after a few Buffalo Terastations, but they were slow over the network, by the time I added NIC's and USB3 to the Gen7 the Gen8 was a breath of fresh air, had everything I had added to my Gen7 and then some, now, I've outgrown the Gen8 and have moved to a custom build so it really does vary from user to user...

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