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HP microserver AHCI vs RAID performance


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Hello, this thing has been bugging my brain for months, but today I am bringing it here.



I wonder what the performance difference is like between AHCI and RAID mode of my microserver.

AFAIK RAID and AHCI should not be having much performance difference when not using arrays but for my microserver it is showing quite big difference.


I am using ESXI 6.0 with downgraded hpvsa driver.



2016-11-26 15_02_13-Win7 Purple on esxi.home.mananet.net.png

2016-11-26 15_02_04-win-rdo4vhibbqh - TightVNC Viewer.png


Those two are the benchmark results when the HDDs are in RAID mode, single hdd per array.


the first one is WD Purple 4TB

and the second one is Barracuda 3TB


2016-11-26 16_18_13-Win7 Purple on esxi.home.mananet.net.png

2016-11-26 16_28_37-win-rdo4vhibbqh - TightVNC Viewer.png


And those two are when HDDs are in AHCI mode.


As you can see here using AHCI brought the speed down overall and almost halved the write performance results.


I wonder if there is actual performance difference between those two and await others to test.


From the benchmarks RAID seems to be preferable but sometimes ESXI fills the log with deteriorated I/O performance warning so it brings to my mind that the increased performance increase might be due to some sort of caching.. But honestly I have no idea.

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