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I'm currently looking at using an OpenMesh APs in a small cafe - the owner would like to ideally keep a log of all websites accessed & URLs in case anyone abuses the service. I know the user with have to agree to this in the TOS on a portal when you log in.


Has anyone done something like this on an OpenMesh? I'm guessing I can somehow use the custom.sh functionality


Ideally something like Packetbeat saving to an external ELK server? Any ideas?


I've had a look around and all the solutions I seem to be able to find are massively expensive



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There are many hotspot owners who think they are somehow liable for what there users do... Are they liable when someone uses there public phone for criminal activity?


No, so hows providing free internet access different, consider the practicality..


Lets say you log every url with squid or a content filter. How do you legally prove that customer x specifically went to url y? What about customers who use vpn's?


Would a cafe really pay for such a service to avoid this so called 'abuse' when they make nothing providing the wifi.


Setup the splash page with a TOS, set the WAP DNS to norton connectsafe/opendns/dyndns and that's it...


But the real easy way to track urls, reduce malware for non vpn users is using a DNS content filter like nxfilter.org. Its fantastic.

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What about logging via their router?  pfSense, Sophos, Untangle and many others do a good job at logging and can provide additional protection.  They can be run in bridge mode if the client already has a firewall solution.

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