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ASK for help - System SSD failing


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Hello dear community, I have a problem with my Gen8 and hope you can help me resolve.

My HP Smart storage tells me my System SSD is gonna die soon.


Here is my configuration:

1x 120GB SSD for booting Server 2012 R2, on this disk I have also 2 VHDs for 2 Hyper-V VMs = XPEnology and Untangle Router

This disk is connected to the SATA port intended for the ODD


1x 1TB disk - offline, connected to XPEnology VM as pass thru

1x2TB disk - offline, connected to XPEnology VM as pass thru

1x 500GB disk - offline connected to XPEnology VM as pass thru

One bay is unoccupied


All disks are in RAID 0 mode, each is an array of 1 disk


My question is, how can I replace the system SSD to another SSD?

Ideally, clone it to another one, then set a new RAID array and boot from the new SSD.

If clone is feasable, what software to use? AOMEI partition backup might do that right from the Server 2012 OS?

I usually use Acronit Trueimage boot media, but I don't think it will see the system disk, because it does nt have the drivers required for the Hp RAID controller.

If clone is not feasable, I can backup the server System state, also the VMs using the built in server backup tool.

I really do not know how to resolve this.

I dont want to touch the non system disks, that are set Offline in the Server 2012 and are used by the NAS VM and contain my data.

Ideally, I would like to clone the system SSD to another, make the HP server boot from the new - cloned one, but keeping the rest intact.

Please advice.

Any constructive help is appreciated.


my email: gsandis@gmail.com

skype: pvesely79@hotmail.com


Screens, that may clarify my config attached



Thanks in advance








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If you replace the SSD with a Samsung one they have their own clone software which works a treat.


I already have Adata disk with Acronis. But I am not sure, if Acronis will see the SSD from driver reasons.

(if it can communicate with the HP RAID controller and see the disk(s))

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So I have found a way out of this, without any trouble I got my XPEnology back online..

After I decided to not use VMs on the Gen8, just bare metal XPEnology, here is what I have done:

1. Removed the faulty SSD, that was used to boot Server 2102 R2 + Hyper-V

2. Set to boot from the prepared XPEnoboot USB drive and inserted it to the internal USB slot

3. Set RAID controller to be in AHCI mode.

4. I did not touch the Disks, that were used in Passthrough mode, I have left them all as they were

5. Booted up from the USB and Voila

Everything was OK, the XPEnology booted with all the settings and data.


Maybe this will help somebody with similar issues.

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