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ESXi 6.5 B120i (hpvsa) HP Microserver Gen8 Low performance


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Okay so I can add two more test.


First one : 

1HDD 1To / 7500 rpm / RAID0 (one disk) / Bay 3 / RDM 



Second one :

2 HDD 1To / 7500 rpm both / RAID1 / Bay 1 & 2 / RDM


Watch out the pictures seems to be inverted. Move your mouse in front of the picture to get the configuration name.



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You'll find attached a bunch of test I made on my configuration with 6.0 and 6.5 version.


I tested on RAID0, RAID1 (both RDM conf) and SSD. 


The performance on the SSD is half better with the new version for all file size. For RDM disk I have a huge difference on small size file and it's pretty the same for bigger file.


I did the rollback to 6.0 U2 version yesterday evening.

Speed test_ESXI version.zip

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Yesterday I installed HPE Custom Image of ESXi 6.5 with the embedded 5.5.0-102 (the newest) version of the hpvsa driver, and got very bad (and unstable) performances copying over the network a large file to a freshly created Debian VM running an SMB share. The transfer started at 55 Mo/s and quickly dropped around 10 Mo/s.

On the hardware side, I currently have only one old 2 To WD GREEN HDD plugged into the 4th bay (SATA II - 3 Gb/s) of my Gen8, declared as RAID 0 in HP SSA.

I tried to rollback to 5.5.0-88 version of the driver, but after the reboot all my storage volumes in ESXi are wrecked and my VM obviously won't start... I spent the whole weekend on my Gen8 and had all the possible issues with it. So it had to be that way I suppose...


Does anyone has tried building a custom image of ESXi with the 5.5.0-88 driver?

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I had the same problem yesterday.


Here's what I did :


- Uninstalled the hpvsa 5.5.0-102

- Installed the hpvsa 5.5.0-88

- Rebooted

- All storage volumes were down because ESXi was using the AHCI Driver vmw_ahci

- I disabled the AHCI driver to force ESXi using the downgradedhpvsa drviver --> command from "http://www.nxhut.com/2016/11/fix-slow-disk-performance-vmwahci.html"-- " esxcli system module set --enabled=false --module=vmw_ahci".

- Reboot and voilà ! ESXi is using the hpvsa 5.5.0 - 88 which is much better


Let me know if it works for you.

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Thanks! Disabling the vmware native ahci driver allowed the scsi-hpvsa to load correctly.


ATTO Benchmark from a VM on local SSD attached below.


ATTO - Local SSD datastore - ESXi 6.5.0 - hpvsa 5.5.0-88OEM.png

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Im planning to upgrade my 6.0 ESXi to 6.5 version. 

Can we declare that it's running smoothly on the Gen 8 with the restrictions (hpvsa version 88 and vmkusb disabled) mentioned above?


If your ESXi boot USB is not found during the install the following will help you (have not tried yet):


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